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Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster  is 4.5” wide by2. 5” in length and weighs 110 grams.


This amazing clear quart cluster carries many points from one end to the other.  Filled with barnacles, fairy frost and very small points attached to some of the points this cluster will vibrate high energy when you hold it. The largest point in this cluster has a “dolphin” which is another crystal that “rides” on its side like many baby dolphins in the ocean ride against their mother. Each crystal glistens and sparkles with clarity.  The bottom of this cluster base displays a city of crystals within, intertwined throughout and bringing each crystal together as one.


Quartz Crystals carry the highest energy of all stones.  Created from oxygen and silicon, these crystals carry many healing energies that work with every Chakra.  Arkansas Crystals hold the energy of Atlantis.  It is said that before the fall of Atlantis, the ancestors programed crystalline seeds with knowledge and wisdom for all to learn.  These crystalline seeds were planted in specific areas around the Universe to hold "Superior" Wisdom and Energy.  The mountains in Arkansas were chosen because of the minerals in the land.


We hand dig our Quartz Crystals from these mines and bring them home to share and be "adopted".  Each Crystal has been carefully cleaned and cleared with Love and Respect.  We are honored and humbled to have been given the opportunity to collect them and share them with you.

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster

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