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15 ML Breathe Essential Oil Blend.  Natural and Organic.


This essential oil is a blend of Bergamot, Cedar Leaf, Wintergreen, Vetiver, and Spearmint Organic Essential Oils with Grape Seed Oil as the Carrier.


Breathe is a wonderful blend of natural and organic EO which help clear the sinus and respiratory system of congestion.  The blend of oils used are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal which help open respiratory passages and clear congestion.


Use in a difusser, nasal inhaler, during bath or shower time or simply apply a few drops to chest and nasal areas for quick relief of congestion.


All of your Essential Oil Blends are created with Natural, Organic Essential Oils.


*** Essential Oils are not a replacement for medicinal products.  Consult your physician if symptoms persist.***


Breathe Essential Oil Blend

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