Our Ginseng Swing Tea Blend is a great overall blend that boosts energy, stamina and helps provide mental clarity.


Made with the Organic Herbs such as: Siberian Ginseng, Dandelion Root, Hawthorn Berries, Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon Chips, Licorice Root and Orange Peel, ths tea will kick-start your day.


Siberian Ginseng Ginseng is one of the most popular natural remedies in the world, used for centuries for its mysterious and nearly miraculous health benefits. Ginseng is an ‘Adaptogen’ - a natural substance that helps the body adjust to, and withstand, mental and physical stress.Siberian ginseng can improve the overall health and functions to Immune System Support. It combats fatigue and restores energy and is popular for stimulating and fortifying liver health.

Dandelion is highly nutritious, contain potent antioxidants, may help fight inflammation and aid blood sugar control, promote a healthy liver, boost your immune system and support healthy digestion.

Hawthorn Berries contain active compounds with antioxidant properties, which eliminates dangerous toxins from the body. Hawthorn berries contain vitamin C which also boosts the activity of your white blood cells to increase your overall health

Sarsaparilla contains a wealth of natural plant chemicals thought to have a beneficial effect on the human body. Chemicals known as saponins might help reduce joint pain and skin itching, and also kill bacteria. Sarsaparilla may also be helpful in reducing inflammation and protecting the liver from damage.

Cinnamon is an antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory. The properties found in cinnamon may lower blood sugar, boost metabolism, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, fight bacteria and protect the brain.

Licorice root can act as a soothing agent and expectorant, which could make it useful for reducing phlegm and other upper-respiratory.

Orange Peel lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents, It helps prevent dis-ease in general.,


Use a mesh tea ball to steep tea.

Add 1 teaspoonful to a cup of boiling water and allow to steep 20 minutes.

Add honey and/or lemon for a sweeter taste

Ginseng Swing Tea Blend (per ounce)

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