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Organic Wild Lettuce sold per ounce.

Wild lettuce are largely derived from their active ingredients, which include various flavonoids and coumarins, along with other antioxidants.


The health benefits of Wild Lettuce are:

  • Prevents a whooping cough
  • Relieves symptoms of anxiety and manic behavior 
  • Improves sleep patterns and prevent insomnia
  • Stops pain and tension in the muscles
  • Supports respiratory health by treating asthma symptoms
  • Eliminates headaches and migraines
  • Minimizes painful menstrual periods
  • Lowesr inflammation and joint pain
  • Alleviates poor circulation and improve energy levels
  • Treast urinary tract problems
  • Euphoric and sedative in nature


CAUTIONS: Avoid using these leaves if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Use caution when using this plant in any form due to it's Natural euphoric and sedative properties.

Wild Lettuce ORGANIC (Sold per ounce)

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