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Selenite Wire Wrapped Chakra Wands  5" x .5"


Selenite is a self-cleansing stone for clearing negative energy and a crystal of Spiritual Guidance. Selenite holds one of the most powerful activation energies on Earth and activates the higher chakras especially the Soul Star and Crown Chakra.

It clears and neutrlizes negative energy.  


These wands are wired wrapped with chakra stones.  Red Jasper (Root), Tigers Eye (Sacral), Citrine (Solar Plexius), Green Aventurine(Heart),  Turqoiuse(Throat), Amethsyt (Third Eye), Clear Quartz (Crown).


Good for chakra balancing, clearing negative energies and bringing balance and harmony to Mind-Body-Spirit.


Disclaimer: The information on our website comes from our own experiences and from research books, articles and information on the subjects and items. Using or wearing stones or crystals does not mean you can treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your Health Care Professional for information on health care issues and do not stop any medications or course of treatment without first consulting your Health Care Professional.

Selenite Chakra Wands

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