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This Tree Agate Wand is  3.75 length and weighs  3.75 ounces.


Tree Agate is a great stone to use as a personal talisman. It will help your body gain emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual strength. The stone will give you the stamina to handle everything that you are supposed to do and everything that is expected of you. It is an excellent meditation stone.


Tree Agate is thought to help with trauma, and shock. It is said to help align the vertebra in certain skeletal disorders and treat conditions that affect the nervous system. It is also thought to be beneficial to the blood vessels and the heart. It is believed to stimulate the capillaries and the veins of the circulatory system.


Disclaimer:  The information on our website comes from our own experiences and from research books, articles and information on the subjects and items.  Using or wearing stones or crystals does not mean you can treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Please consult your Health Care Professional for information on health care issues and do not stop any medications or course of treatment without first consulting your Health Care Professional




Tree Agate Wand

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