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Hopes Healing Hands Testimonials

Nancy A.

Massage – Spiritual Reading

"I have been getting Therapeutic massage from Kathie for over three years. Kathie is amazing. She finds all the trouble spots and works them out. Kathie has to work around several medical problems that I have and she really understands, makes major improvements and has increased my mobility.

Shortly after meeting Kathie, I discovered that she was also a Psychic Medium and very good at what she does.  I have hosted numerous group readings with Kathie and everyone who has attended has been very happy with the messages they receive from her.  Kathie is a highly talented, reliable, gifted and dedicated healer.  Her spiritual center is a great place to enjoy all that it offers.  I am a HUGE fan!"


 Lydia B.


"I have had several deep tissue massages with Kathie, and always feel safe and confident with her abilities. I prefer hard pressure, which she applies with ease, checking back to assure amount of pressure is tolerable. She is able to zero in on the problem areas and work the knots out. She is very thorough, and my comfort is assured. Her room is comfortable and very private. Kathie is a true professional, and I intend to continue scheduled appointments with her."


    Katharine L.   

Reiki Healing

"Kathie is a talented healer. After my first session, I felt amazing and uplifted.  She has made a believer in me that Reiki Healing truly is a holistic alternative.  I already recommended a friend go see her, too!"


Brad B.

Massage Therapy

"Kathie was wonderful and very attentive to my needs. She took the time to tailor the massage to my body and asked for input during the session. It was the best medical massage I've ever received. I plan on seeing her on a regular basis."


Cindy V.

Deep Tissue Massage

"Kathie has an amazing gift of intuitively knowing where my problem areas are and fixes them! She listens to me when I explain where I have pain and then amazingly finds areas I did not realize were issues.  I feel so much better after my visits. I will definitely be a regular."


Karen T.

Spiritual Reading

"I felt very comfortable and at ease the moment I walked in the door. She is a very professional, knowledgeable, and understanding person who has a great gift in delivering healing, loving messages from loved ones on the other side.  She thoroughly explained all aspects and meanings of the messages she brought to me. I walked away with joy in my heart and was comforted in knowing my loved ones are always with me and ready to communicate."


Al M.

Medical Massage

"Kathy was a real professional in helping me with my back and shoulders muscles. Her massage techniques are super and she is a very positive person to help explain why one may have pain in body areas. I would highly recommend her to all my friends."


Pauline S.


"I received a wonderful massage from Kathie. She was able to relax some muscles that had been very tight for a long time. The room was warm and the table was very comfortable, a very safe environment. Kathie has great hands and gives a great massage. Treat yourself-you'll be glad you did. I'm looking forward to my next one."


Elizabeth H.


"I suffer from arthritis and Kathie provided me with several of her Essential Oil Blends to help relieve my chronic pain.  They are AMAZING!  I love the Pain Be Gone oil she offers and use it regularly.  Once applied, I feel instant relief and can go about my day pain free!"


Bobbi B.

Life Coaching

"I met Kathie during an event hosted at their center and immediately felt the positive energy they have created there.  Kathie has helped me with life coaching and setting positive, realistic goals for myself.  She has given me a sense of embracing who I am and has improved my view of life tremendously.  I can’t thank her enough for helping me see the valve in myself and for pushing me to move forward in changing my life for the better.  No matter what circumstance I presented, she had a way of making me look at the positive aspects. I would recommend her to anyone looking to change their lives for positive results."




Marcus T.


"Kathie and Phyllis are awesome!  I visited their shop and was looking for herbs, essential oils and crystals to help with my insomnia.  They pointed me in the right direction, explained each herb, oil and crystal that would help and even created  “special blends” of oils and herbal teas for me. They truly know their products and help you with your problems and questions.  I have recommended Hopes Healing Hands to many of my friends and they are happy too!"

Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
Hopes Healing Hands, Myrtle Beach
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